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Marketing 12 focuses on the 10 main activities of marketing.

Accounting 12 completes the accounting cycle and focuses on producing and presenting accounting reports for a small business.

Accounting 11 introduces the concepts of bookkeeping and basic accounting.

Welcome to Mr. Clewer's C Block Moodle Class!

Mr. Clewer's B Block English 12 Moodle.

The Study of 20th century World History which will include the following units:

Unit 1: Tools of Historical Inquiry

Unit 2: Imperialism in the 20th Century

Unit 3: The Russian Revolution and The Rise of Authoritarianism

Unit 4: Global Conflicts (World War II and The Cold War)

Unit 5: Human Rights/Creative Unit

Welcome to Social Studies 11! 

Using Moodle will help you stay organized throughout the course and better prepare for tests/quizzes. 

Welcome to History 12! 

Welcome to History 12! 

Economics 12  explores the fundamental principles of economics and their applications.


Reading skills 

short story/ novel reading


In this class we will discuss current events in China and around the world. This class will help you better understand your own culture as well as cultures different from your own. Taught in English, this course aims to improve your english, reading comprehension and thinking about the world around you.

Support the students in English Learning.

How to be a successful student and person thru learning life skills such as...

  1. Goal Setting & Time Management
  2. Problem Solving & Managing Stress
  3. Healthy Relationships
  4. Mental Health
  5. Choices
  6. Sex Ed.
  7. Preparation for Next Levels (Years) As a Student/Person

In Oral English class we will work to gain fluency in the English language through games, exercises, activities, and presentations. This class ultimately aims to prepare you for the listening, oral and aural sections, and interview portions of international school entrance exams. 

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As well as introducing you to many art styles and artists and giving you opportunities to make art works using different techniques and materials, this class begins to prepare you for entry into an International Education system.

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The students on the course come from varied educational backgrounds. Consequently their experiences of Art and Design also vary considerably.

It is therefore intended that this whole year Art and Design curriculum comprises a range of topics and disciplines which, when combined, bring all students up to a similar level of experience and give all students equal opportunities to excel in this subject.


All topics covered can be said to fall into one or more of the following categories which are colour-coded for easy identification in the schedule grid below:


1. Art as an ongoing process of enquiry.

Critical thinking about art/design

Principles of design

Art and Design as a career



2. Art/Design as a cultural barometer.

Looking at art/design from different times and places

Art appreciation



3. Development of skills, knowledge and techniques

Development and exploration of the use of One’s imagination (the ability to have and utiilise ideas).

Development of fundamental skills e.g. hand-eye co-ordination, fine-motor skills.

Development of basic techniques e.g. use of scissors, correct way to hold a pencil

Development of Intermediate techniques e.g. papier mache, clay modeling

Development of advanced techniques e.g. painting with acrylics, woodcut printing


4. Character-Building

It is intended that the Art and Design curriculum will provide students with a stimulating and enriching environment in which they may develop not only their ‘Art and Design’-specific skills and understanding but also personal attributes such as self-confidence and being able to work as part of a team. It is to be taken as read that whilst all Art and Design lessons and activities are planned and delivered with this in mind some schemes of work, e.g. group activities and cross-curricular activities are worthy of inclusion in this special category. 


Drama brings together the best of creativity, self expression, team work, public performance, historical and modern thoughts and behaviors. As a medium, drama is inclusive and developmental as it is ever changing within the parameters of performance art.  This class continues on from Drama 7 where students were given the foundations of stage performance and theatre history.  

This year we will focus on group presentations and risk taking within the safety of our classroom community. With respect for our selves and others we will push ourselves as we learn to further develop voice, action, and stage presence.

  • Performance terminology will be reviewed and expanded.

  • Improvisation skills will further develop individual expression and group interactions, speaking, listening and waiting.

  • Through story telling and poetry reading students will  determine roles and responsibilities within scenes  and acts.

  • Stage performances will bring aspects taught in class to the stage for each class member to demonstrate their leaning and growth as performers and contributors to the artistic community.

For Bilingual teachers' information

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Learning to be a more successful student and person by developing a foundation for the performance arts thru specific activities and games to develop self control, confidence, trust, and teamwork.

How to be a successful student and person thru learning life skills such as...

  1. Goal Setting & Time Management
  2. Problem Solving & Managing Stress
  3. Healthy Relationships
  4. Mental Health
  5. Choices
  6. Sex Ed.
  7. Preparation for Next Levels (Years) As a Student/Person

In this course, we will be learning to communicate effectively. These skills include listening, speaking, reading and writing. There will be a special emphasis on preparing you for grade 10 in the BC program or any other international school. I invite you to become a participant in our shared literary culture.

This is for 2018-2019 students music subject include: Class materials and homework.

Students can download and upload files or papers.

The most fun class ever

Graphic Design is all around us! It is almost impossible today to step outside and avoid the constant barrage of advertisements, pamphlets and images. As graphic design becomes more prevalent and visible in our culture, it becomes increasingly important for individuals to understand this type of visual communication.

This course will introduce you to design fundamentals and visual communications practices. You will learn to effectively produce and analyze printed and digital documents that include words and/or pictures -- the building blocks of graphic design. In addition, you will learn the basics of photography and Photoshop.