Chemistry 11 Course Outline

Text Book: Yellow Workbook and Green text book


  1. 2-ring binder with A4 lined paper
  2. Notebook for taking class notes                                                          
  3. Scientific Calculator
  4. Pen, pencil and ruler
  5. USB sticks
  6. Tabs or Laptops for writing online quizes and other online assignments

In this course, students will:


Science 10 content is divided into four major units:

* Do not hesitate to seek HELP if you find some of the content difficult. I am available for help in my office in the morning, at lunch, and of course after school!



Mark Distribution:

            Chapter Tests                                                     45%

There are 9 chapters, each chapter test worth 5% marks

            Quizzes and Labs  Quizes                                            25%

Assignments, Binder Check and Labs                                  15%

            Final exam                                                         15%




  1. One lowest Test and Quiz marks dropped only at the end of semester.
  2. All-none quizzes. You must answer all questions correctly. You will have to make 2 quizzes (equal number of questions) with answer keys before writing all-none quiz.  Such quiz must be completed within two weeks of first quiz.


Assignments that are not completed in class will be assigned for homework.  This homework will be evaluated in a variety of ways.   Some will be corrected in their entirety and will be handed in.   Some will be evaluated by homework quizzes (both closed and open note). 

You must complete your assignments on time. However, if you require more time and help to complete your assignment then make sure that you submit your work no later than one week.


If you miss a class, it is the student’s responsibility to make up missed work.

If you have a scheduled appointment on a test day, let me know several days in advance, or you will not be allowed to write a makeup test. Unexcused absences will result in a zero score.

Unanticipated absences must be verified with a note.  This note must indicate that the parent is aware their son/daughter has missed a test and a phone number must be included.

Extra Credit Work -Extra marks are always available for extra work such as Science Fair projects, etc.  Make sure you discuss theses with the teacher before starting so that a contract can be signed showing that we both agree on the scope of the project and how many marks it is worth.  Your project must follow the same standards of science fair and will be marked accordingly. Extra credit projects must be handed in by June 5.


Questions - If you ever have any questions that we do not have time to answer in class please make time to see me at noon or after school.  If it is worth you asking it is worth my time to listen.  I also have available past governmental exams that we will be looking at later in the course and from which I will be taking questions for your unit exams.

Electronic Devices -

I recognize that electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, iPads, etc. ) can have an important place in your learning,   but they can also be a distraction.   You should put your phone in your bag and put the bag on the empty desks in the back of classroom or leave it in locker. If I see you with such a device during class, it will be given to the office and the administration will phone home for parents to pick it up (see handbook).  There may be times when I will allow students to retrieve their electronic device for specific uses like timing events or conducting Internet searches or recording video of experiment or writing tests or quiz online. .

Lab Safety - We can expect to use a number of experiments during the year to learn about chemical concepts.  The first consideration in doing experiments, even before the learning that is going on, is the safety of the participants.  For this reason I will not tolerate any misbehavior while we are performing an experiment.  In addition each activity may have its own set of precautions that I will warn you of before class and expect you to follow exactly.

General Rules:

  1. RESPECT your classmates: only one person should talk at a time – put up your hand if you would like to speak in class
  2. RESPECT your teacher: if I am talking, you are listening.
  3. No eating in class. On lab days, no food allowed in class.
  4. Be on time for class (no excuses, no “Small Shop!”). 
  5. Leave classroom tidy – push in your chair and clean up your garbage before you leave the class!
  6. Cell phones – cell phones are not to be used in class. If I see your cell phone, I will keep it for one week. The next time I see it, your parents will pick it up after one month. During work time, you can listen to music as long as you are not disrupting your classmates.
  7. Do your own work! If you are caught copying from another student, you will get a mark of zero. If you let someone copy your work, you will also get a mark of zero.

I look forward to a great semester in Chemistry with you!