Chemistry 12 consists of the following topics in the following order:

           Review of Chemistry 11                 4 hours     

            Reaction Kinetics                            9 hours     

            (Reaction Rates)

            Equilibrium                                     14 hours   

            Solubility of Ionic Substances         17 hours   

            Acids, Bases, & Salts                      33 hours   

            Oxidation - Reduction                     20 hours   


  1. 2-ring binder with A4 lined paper
  2. Notebook for taking class notes                                                          
  3. Scientific Calculator
  4. Pen, pencil and ruler
  5. USB sticks
  6. Tabs or Laptops

           Theses time lines are approximate and serve as a guideline but past experiences tell me that we must be pretty close to them in order to finish without a huge panic before exams.

As we get closer to the final exam, there will be review sessions booked for after school and/or noon.   As well a number of past provincial exams will be issued for your own review.

Online Resources

All worksheets, powerpoints , animations used in class are available on . You can access this link anywhere. It will also be used to send reminders about assignments and upcoming activities.


            There will be five final exams, one of each unit and your final score will be average of those five exams. Marks in each unit exam will be based on the following:

                        Problem Sheets, Question, Assignments and Binder Check                 10%

                        Labs and Quizzes                                                        25%

                       Tests (including midterm)                                            45%

There are 5 chapters, each chapter test worth 9% marks

                        Final Exam                                                                  15%

            Do not hesitate to seek HELP if you find some of the content difficult. I am available for help in my office in the morning, at lunch, and of course after school!


You must register yourself at to know your marks. However, if you need clarity about your marks then come talk to me. I use to keep record of your performance



  1. One lowest Test and Quiz marks dropped only at the end of semester.
  2. All-none quizzes. You must answer all questions correctly. You will have to make 2 quizzes (equal number and same type of questions) with answer keys before writing all-none quiz. The electronic copies of those tests and keys should be sent to me via email with your name. In addition, such quiz and tests must be completed within two weeks of first quiz.


Assignments that are not completed in class will be assigned for homework. Assignments are marked for completion only. You should consult with me if you have any doubt about any question. This homework will be evaluated in a variety of ways.   Some will be corrected in their entirety and will be handed in.   Some will be evaluated by homework quizzes (both closed and open note). 

You must complete your assignments on time. However, if you require more time and help to complete your assignment then make sure that you submit your work no later than one week.

Sometime you will be expected to do assignments on your computer during weekdays or weekends sometime. You should NOT send them to me via email or using USB stick, you must use electronic file submission system at

 Extra Credit Work -Extra marks are always available for extra work such as Science Fair projects, etc.  Make sure you discuss theses with the teacher before starting so that a contract can be signed showing that we both agree on the scope of the project and how many marks it is worth.  Your project must follow the same standards of science fair and will be marked accordingly. Extra credit projects must be completed though science fair and must be displayed to judges during science fair.

Questions - If you ever have any questions that we do not have time to answer in class please make time to see me at noon or after school.  If it is worth you asking it is worth my time to listen.  I also have available past governmental exams that we will be looking at later in the course and from which I will be taking questions for your unit exams.

Electronic Devices -

I recognize that electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, iPads, etc. ) can have an important place in your learning,   but they can also be a distraction.   You should put your phone in your bag and put the bag on the empty desks in the back of classroom or leave it in locker. If I see you with such a device during class, it will be given to the office and the administration will phone home for parents to pick it up (see handbook).  There may be times when I will allow students to retrieve their electronic device for specific uses like timing events or conducting Internet searches or recording video of experiment or writing tests or quiz online. .

Lab Safety - We can expect to use a number of experiments during the year to learn about chemical concepts.  The first consideration in doing experiments, even before the learning that is going on, is the safety of the participants.  For this reason I will not tolerate any misbehavior while we are performing an experiment.  In addition each activity may have its own set of precautions that I will warn you of before class and expect you to follow exactly.