Topic outline

  • Course Syllabus & Rubrics

    Follow the links to see our Course Syllabus, Journal Rubric, and Participation Rubric:




    • Big Ideas

      There are four BIG IDEAS underlying PE12 – Fitness & Conditioning:

      1. Our personal fitness can be maintained or enhanced through participation in a variety of activities at different intensity levels.
      2. Knowing how our bodies move and function helps us to stay safe during exercise.
      3. Following proper training guidelines and techniques can help us to reach our health and fitness goals.
      4. Making healthy choices can help us to reach our health and fitness goals

      This course will be intentionally fluid and challenging, with an emphasis on practical knowledge and addressing the “big ideas.”  Through a deeper understanding of the basics – anatomy, physiology, program design, exercise technique, nutrition, and components of fitness – students will explore the various domains of health, fitness, conditioning, and training with a level of commitment and intensity that best suits their needs.  By developing an understanding of the mechanical and theoretical components of fitness, students will be encouraged to make health-conscious choices that allow them to reach their short-term goals for the course, and their ultimate long-term goal of living a healthy and active lifestyle.  In addition to that, we will build an awareness of community-based fitness opportunities, and help students build an understanding that fitness can occur anywhere, not just in the weight room.

      • Fitness Standards & Testing

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        • Journal Writing Resources

          Journal #2 - Intro to Principles of Program Design - use these suggested websites to gather information for your journal; in addition, you can use others that you find on your own!

          S.P.O.R.T. Principle -

          F.I.T.T. Principle -

          S.A.I.D. Principle -

          Journal #3 - Flexibility, Mobility, Injury Prevention.  Completed journals can be submitted via hard-copy, or e-mail to
          1. Create a definition for each of the following terms:
          a) Flexibility
          b) Mobility
          c) Injury Prevention

          2. Why should we incorporate these ideas into our personal fitness plans?  What are the positives?  What are the negatives?  Support your answer with at least one online resource (NOT your personal opinion).

          3. How can we incorporate these ideas into our personal fitness plans (e.g. consider time, tools we have, space, etc...)

          4. What other steps can we take to improve our flexibility/mobility, and prevent injury?

          • Fitness Apps

            Check out the list of Fitness Apps generated from your first Journal Entries:

            Under Armour - My Fitness Pal

   - Body Space (great for pre-planned programs/workout tracking!)

            Keep Fit


            Nike Training Club


            • Workout Tracking Templates

              Follow the links below to view and download workout tracking templates.  In addition to these, you can also use one of your own design.

              Vertex 42 -

              Template.Net -


            • Under Armour "Essential Fitness Guides"

              Through the "MyFitnessPal" app, Under Armour has produced a series of fitness-related readings, tips, and suggestions.  Check them out to help with your program design!