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Graduated from Harvard University in 2017 and earned a PhD in Computer Science. Nico has spent a lot of time on developing webpage for many organizations such as FBI and UN. All of her websites have received postive reviews. Now, being part of the team, she is trying to contribute her skills for small business owner in order for them to success. Nico thinks that small business owner will potentially become very successful so it is important to also focus on them as well.


Also graduated from Harvard University in 2017 in the same class as Nico, she also obtained a PhD in Computer Science. Nico and Ophelia has been throughout their life in universities. Many famous websites are designed both by Ophelia and Nico such as Amazon or Google. Ophelia personally also participated in many designing competition such as United States Web Designing Competition and earned many first prizes, total of $50000 of prize. Because of this, she is consider to be a famous designer in this industry.


Unlike Ophelia and Nico, Frank graduated from Standford University in 2016 and earned a Master degree in Computer Science. In a special occasionWeb Designer Fair, Frank met Ophelia and Nico, and they become very good friends since then. Also, Frank has cooperated with Nico and Ophelia. He is mainly responsible for Javascript and other functions of a web design. They then decided to start a team which is Nico Franphelia Team to help people make a better website.

Our Team

The team is created by three good friends Frank, Nico and Ophelia in 2017. Their aim is to help people design a better website with advanced and precise coding technique. The team also accepts projects from government and other organizations. Frank is mainly responsible for function part of a webpage while Nico and Ophelia will be focusing on the Web Layout

Example 1: Amazon

The famous shopping website Amazon decided to change their webpage layout when the new standards of HTML5 came out. They decided to find Nico Franphelia team to help them design this website. The moment that they received this task was super excited. In the next two months, all the team members devoted their time into making this website. The picture on the right is how Amazon looks like now after the designing of Nico Franphelia Team!

Example 2: United Nations

United Nations as an internation organization, having an internationalized webpage and fully-function javascript are considerably important for them. However, the previous javascript and the webpage layout has been outdated, since more and more devices emerged, the old website was no long compatible to view on newer browser and devices. In order to fix this problem, they decided to find Nico Franphelia team. Frank fixed the most part of the Javascript so that it fixes the up-to-date standard. Nico and Ophelia fixed the webpage layout so that it will be compatible on different devices.

Example 3: Google

As technology progress, the old Google page is not up-to-date and is lack of user interaction interface. As well as it is not secure anymore. So they decide to find Nico Franphelia Team. This project is mainly done by Frank who mainly added more user-interaction interfaces into the code, also enhanced the security of website. While Nico and Ophelia assisted the company to make a better webpage layout so that it looks more modern including a new font and a new icon for Google.

Example 4: Site of Nico Franphelia Team

The current webpage which is the portfolio of Nico Franphelia Team is orgninally made by the team themselves. They did not use any templates for this, all codes are created by themselves. The team made a website so that other companies or organizations can know more about them. The website is made in only one week with the help of Amazon Web Storage service that provide the host of this website. The website is constantly maintained by the team and they will post more information here time by time. The team wish to expand this webpage to a website with more user-interaction features.

That’s why 100,000+ Love Nico Franphelia Team

All the following comments are from real-users such as small business owner and other organizations. All those users are helped by Nico Franphelia Team including creating website or just fixing their Webpage Layout

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Nico Franphelia is the best web designer team I have ever encountered. I have used several others before, but the result is not even satisfactory. Until I met the team from my friends, I did not even hesitate to contact them. Eventually, I was astonished by the result of webpage. It is just amazing!

— Garry Alexander (Owner of Panda Express)

As an international organization, it is very important for us to have an up-to-date website. However, because of lacking maintenance, the webpage is not compatible any more. We offered the team this great oppotunity to fix our website. Surprisingly, the result is way better than we expected. You must hire the team to make your Web Design

— James Robertson(Secretary of United Nations)

Because of the new standards of HTML5 has come out, we have to update our website to ensure customer's experience. However, before meeting the team, none of other developpers satisfy our requirements. The help of the team is greatly appreciated and we even designated them to help maintain our website since then.

— Ben Goodrich(Owner of Amazon)

Skills we used during our design

Here is the list of skills we will use when making the website for our customers.(Not all skills are listed, for more information please directly contact the Team)

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The team members all have advanced skills on applying CSS to the website. We understand the importance of CSS to a webpage. So we will ensure that the layout will meet the requirements of our customers without any negotiations.


The basic layout of the webpage using HTML5 is also very important! Using appropriate tags will ensure a easier way to layout the page. Since all our team members excel in this area, we will make sure that the webpage is compiled in appropriate HTML5 syntax so that it can be maintained easily in the future!


A website without Javascript included can not be consider as a full. Javascript is essential to increase user-interaction inside the website. Frank, one of the team members specialized in this area, and he can provide the best solution of Javascript needed to optimize this website.


PHP is the language needed in dynamic Webpage, it is very essential for the webpage to communicate with the clients and the server. All our team members have advanced skills in PHP and we will ensure that all our data send over to server will be handles correctly and securely.

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